Bryant PTSA General Meeting Minutes – June 2018

Bryant PTSA General Meeting Agenda
June 12th, 2018 7:00pm
Bryant Library

Kim Love, Julie Ohrazda, Brita Willis, Nelly Goodnoe, Shelly Prosise, Whitney Griesbach, Sara Fenzl, Anne Aliverti, Katie Salisbury, Pamela Kuhto, Sam Fogg, Natalya Yudkovsky, Amy Piper, Jean Charette, Michelle Ireton, Liz Arjun, Jennifer Malhum, Mary-Britt Love, Ann Sonnen, Lorainne Sawicki, Janie Booth, Dan Sanger

Welcome, Julie Ohrazda & Kim Love

Volunteer Awards, Janie Booth & Tammy Shorr

Approve March General Meeting Minutes
Approved without corrections

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

  • Treasurer’s Report, Brita Willis
    • Boy Scout donation of $1000 was directed toward locking garden shed approved by PTSA at May meeting
  • Legislative Chairs’ Report, Jean Charette
    • Levies coming up during next election will be very important – Legislative chairs will work on a postcard campaign at the beginning of the school year
  • Bryant Leadership Team, Kim Love
    • Staff still working on approved CSIP; BLT is working to reimagine the First Day Welcome Tea
  • Principal’s Report, Dan Sanger
    • Last report for Principle Sanger.  Asst. principal and full time counselor will be announced shortly.  Leadership support system through the district to help the transition of our new principal and asst. principal

New Business                                                                           

  • General Membership Vote on Budget for 2018-19, Brita Willis & Nelly Goodnoe
    • Approved
  • General Membership Vote on Board slate for 2018-19, Nominating Committee
    • Approved
  • Music instrument – repair/ tuning, Kim Love
    • Approved
    • Approved PTSA funding tuning of 3 pianos at $255 and repairing percussion instruments up to $1075
  • Art suppliers for Kristen Wipple, Nelly Goodnoe
    • Approved
    • Approved additional art supply funding up to $185
  • Remove Nelly Goodnoe from Home Street Banking as a signer, Nelly Goodnoe
    • Approved
    • Effective July 1st , 2018, we agree that Nelly Goodnoe is coming off accounts at HomeStreet Bank.  We agree that besides Kim Love and Brita Willis, we will add Lorraine Sawicki to be signers for Bryant Elementary PTSA accounts at HomeStreet Bank.

Meeting Adjourned 8:43