Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – November 2013 *FINAL*

November 12, 2013

Notice of Meeting
Bryant Calendar & Bryant Weekly

In Attendance:
Kathy Gerke, Robin Metcalf, Amy Shanafelt, Dan Sanger, Ann-Marie Spata, Kristin Lundquist*, Jenna Fengman*, Meghan Delaney, Meta Godsell, Becky Mackle, Kathy Hughes, Joan Crooks, Charise Randell*, Patricia Parker*, Liza Caputo, Laura Larkin, Layla Taylor, Ellen Gryj*, Jennifer Mahlum, Michelle Ireton
*Attended but did not sign

7:05 Welcome and Introduction (Kathy Gerke)

Approve September 2013 Minutes (Meta Godsell)

Officer/Standing Committee Reports

  • Treasurer’s Report (Robin Metcalf/Amy Shanafelt)
    Presented Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss
    Amy will look into decreasing fees from $250 to $225 this year.

Special Committee Reports

Special Orders

Unfinished Business

  • Review of request for library funds Kathy Gerke
    Motioned to approve request from previous amount of $8,000 to increased amount of $10,000 to the Library Material Fund. See Motion #1.
  • Roots of Empathy fund request Kathy Gerke
    This time sensitive request of $540 was approved by the board via email and has been paid.

New Business

  1. Exploring Online Database Options Patricia Parker
    Kathy recommends putting a task force to further look into the Sumac database.
    The task force will be:
    Sumac – Patricia Parker
    Sumac – Jennifer Mahlum
    PTSA Volunteer Coordinator – Liza Caputo
    ASE Coordinator – Layla Taylor
    Annual Campaign Treasurer – Jenny Estep
    Co-PTSA Treasurers – Robin Metcalf / Amy Shanafelt
    PTSA Website – Kim Love
    Big List – Claudine Benmar
    Bryant Weekly – Kim Blakeley
    The task force will report back at the December or January Meeting.
  2. Bryant Elementary Arts Planning/Art Committee Curriculum Charise Randell
    $2,200 was approved to fund the Art Committee Curriculum. See Motion #2.
  3. Family Support Funding request Kristen Lundquist
    Motion to approve additional $1,000, but was amended to be increased to $2,000 to the Family Support Funding program. See Motion #3.


  • Motion #1 made by Amy Shanafelt to approve a grant in the amount of $10,000 to the library material fund. Seconded by Becky Mackle.
  • Motion #2 made by Becky Mackle to approve $2,200 to fund the Bryant Elementary Arts Planning/Art Committee Curriculum and consultant Audrey Querns. Seconded by Meghan Delaney.
  • Motion #3 made by Joan Crooks to approve additional $2,000 for the Family Support Funding program. Seconded by Meta Godsell.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:09pm