2021-2022 Bryant PTSA Advocacy Round Up

From the Bryant PTSA Advocacy Committee Co-Chairs

Carrie Lee and Nicole Witenstein Nowicki

Over the year, the Bryant PTSA has advocated for education funding and policies to support the school. Advocacy efforts are critical ways for the school community to be engaged with decisions made at the state and local government as well as school district levels that impact schools’ resources.

Bryant PTSA advocacy efforts this year have worked to:

  1. Support the school’s operational effectiveness and academic competitiveness
  2. Promote the school’s recovery from the pandemic on both a social and emotional level as well as in terms of stabilizing enrollment and leadership
  3. Expand community engagement

The PTSA in coordination with the organization’s Advocacy Committee have worked to support these goals through advocacy activities on the state level promoting enrollment stabilization funding and at the local level supporting the passage of the SPS School levies.  Further, over the year, the Bryant PTSA has advocated for adequate and stable school funding from SPS as well as policies that promote the school’s operational effectiveness.

Upcoming Advocacy Efforts and Engagement Opportunities

As Bryant PTSA members continue to work together and with schools across the district to promote ample and stable funding as well as programs to improve the educational outcomes of students, we invite interested Bryant school community members to add your support and to get involved in advocacy efforts.  For those interested, please contact advocacy@bryantschool.org.

Learn more about Bryant PTSA’s advocacy at the State, Local and School District Level.