Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – December 2015

Tuesday, December 8, 2015
7:08 pm

Attendees: Leeann Huntington, Julie Ohrazda, Lauren Abraham, Jennifer Mahlum, Rachel Schaw, Kim Love, Kim Larsen, Joan Crooks, Amy Shanafelt, Carleen Confer, Amy Alphin, Dan Sanger, Julie Pearson, Patricia Parker, Sam Fogg, Mary-Britt Love, Anna Marburg, Michelle Ireton

November Board Meeting Minutes-Approved

Officer Standing Reports

  1. Treasurer’s Report (Lauren Abraham & Jennifer Mahlum)
    Large matching gift payment came in
    Paid for 5th Grade camp & Paper

Special Committee Reports

  1. Hunger Service Project
    Kicked off the program this month
    Program reps gave grade specific presentations

New Business

  1. Schools First presentation on Supporting Seattle’s schools, levies.
    • Two important levies are on the ballot in Feb 2016
      • Operations Levy (provides 25% of Seattle Public Schools operating budget)
      • Capital Levy (maintenance, support classroom technology, academics and athletics and expand school capacity)
    • For more information see
    • Call to action
      • Endorsement from the PTA matters.
      • Volunteer to help get the word out (phone banking, newsletter communications)
      • Contributions: Financial support towards the campaign would be appreciated. In 2013 Bryant PTSA contributed $500.
  2. Proposal to fund teacher professional development around PLCs (Dan Sanger)
    • Request to fund 25+ teachers to attend training around PLCs in August of 2016
    • $649 per teacher, Total ask $17,523
    • Board will meet as a smaller group with Dan to explore potential solutions
    • PLC training presentation
  3. Funding for limited ceramics for 4th grade (Julianna Batho)
    • 4th Grade is interested
    • Ask is $950 to fund program in the Spring for all 3 programs
    • Board will respond to this request by end of the year
  4. Tech Lab update on how the program has contributed to Bryant’s goals in year 1
  5. Request to fund a counselor position (Natalya Yudkovsky)
    • General discussion – No formal ask/request for funding was made
    • Dan & Julie described how they have tried to fill the gap of the counselor position
      • Teachers added more social studies, social interaction curriculum to their studies
      • Julie has taken on the role of supporting students when specific challenges arise.
    • Julie & Amy Alphin encourage any parents who feel like there is a gap around counselor support to please let their teacher, Julie and/or a PTSA member know so we can look for ways to address.

Meeting adjourned 8:42