From Principal Sanger: LASER will remain at Bryant


Dear Bryant Families,

A decision was made by Seattle Public Schools Facilities and Operations and the Department of Early Learning that one of the 2 adjoining classrooms used by LASER will be repurposed for a use as a homeroom for our K-5 program. This decision is the result of increasing enrollment at Bryant and the effects of the McCLeary decision to reduce class sizes state wide.

LASER will remain at Bryant. The repurposing of one of the rooms presently occupied by LASER will occur over the summer in time for the start of school in the fall. This decision does not impact the other spaces currently used by LASER.

The school board recently made the decision to prioritize building use before and after school: K-12 instruction space is first, preschool is second, childcare third and student activities are fourth, all other groups that use school space before or after school are fifth.
We value our relationship with LASER childcare. LASER is part of our school community and they offer an important service for Bryant families by providing nurturing supports to students beyond the school day.

We also value our wonderful enrichment programs. We recognize the rich traditions and culture that has been established and the benefits gained by our students.

Bryant and LASER administration, parents and staff are addressing the issues around space that will occur. That may mean the way space is used may change and solutions may require flexibility. It’s also not permanent; what works now may not work next year if enrollment continues to climb.

The bottom line is that we will continue to work together as a community to support each other. We appreciate your wisdom as we address the capacity challenges. We will be asking for your input. At Bryant we remain committed to maintaining our childcare and enrichment programs.

Thank you for your patience,
Dan Sanger
Principal, Bryant Elementary