From the District: Advanced learning testing opportunity


You may want to consider referring your child for Advanced Learning opportunities (click through for some academic characteristics to look for). Eligibility criteria and forms are available beginning on Sept 1st to determine eligibility for school year 2017-2018.

All applications are due October 6th, 2016.

You may want to refer your child if you have noticed these characteristics:

  • Verbal skills Has an advanced vocabulary for his/her age. Seems to continuously talk and ask questions
  • Thinking skills Is imaginative; has lots of ideas. Can come up with many interesting solutions to problems
  • Learning behaviors Understands information quickly; remembers what has been learned. Wants to work on more difficult things; may not finish regular assignments because wants to spend time doing projects he/she thinks are more interesting
  • Motivation Is very interested in certain topics/projects and wants to work on them all the time. Does not want or need a lot of direction for completing a task; likes to figure it out on his/her own
  • Social-emotional development Is sensitive to the feelings of others and is concerned with fairness. May be a perfectionist and/or become frustrated with mistakes. May prefer to interact with students who are older and/or adults
  • Reading Is a very strong reader, reading above grade level and/or reading at an early age
  • Math skills Is very interested in math, works above grade level in math and/or shows an interest in numbers at an early age