Support Bryant over the Summer with Scrip and eScrip!

Do you shop at PCC? Raise money for Bryant while you shop – use a Scrip card! Bryant earns 5 percent of the amount you spend on your groceries! Better yet, recharge your Scrip card with your rewards credit card and both you and Bryant benefit.

For $10, cash or check, get a preloaded $10 card before the end of the school year. You can get a PCC Scrip card from Michelle Ireton by sending a check for $10 (made out to Bryant PTSA) to Bryant Scrip through KidMail. Include your child’s name and teacher and you’ll receive the card through KidMail. Or get one in person from Michelle at the  June 14 PTSA meeting and picking up your card then. Bryant also has $25 gift cards for other retailers, including: Michael’s, TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Ross, L.L. Bean and Land’s End — email Michelle if you would like one of the $25 gift cards.

Other ways to support Bryant: use the eScrip link. Go to the PTSA webpage and click the eScrip button on the right of the page near the Facebook icon. Signing up for eScrip takes less than a minute. Once in the system, you will see the list of retailers and the percentage of your purchase that each individual retailer credits back to the Bryant PTSA. The list of participating retailers is extensive, including the Best Buy, Nordstrom, Home Depot and Target. And if you are shopping from Amazon, please use this link and designate Bryant P T S A as your non-profit of choice. You can bookmark it or use the button on the PTSA webpage.