Thank you!

Because of your prompt payment, we have collected all the fees needed to give our kids and teachers the learning supplies for the school year.

We purchased over $21,000 in supplies for the start of the school year and will purchase an additional $7,000 over the next 10 months. With the amazing efforts of volunteers who came in before the start of school, we delivered more than 5 pallets of supplies to homeroom classrooms and specialty rooms like the library, gym, and music.

You helped purchase 12,182 pencils, 3,492 glue sticks, 1,220 pink erasers, 940 white board markers, 585 boxes of Kleenex, 572 sharpies and so much more for our kids.

You also raised $3,900 for a Seattle school in need. The school, without a PTSA, has a substantial free and reduced lunch population of 73% and is grateful for this unexpected help. Once they receive the donation and have the opportunity to put it to good use, we will send out an update on how you helped this school and its kids to have a better school year.  You still have an opportunity to donate, please visit our payment website to support Seattle students in need.