Seussical News–Week 1

Greetings Seussical parents!

This is your first installment of our weekly newsletter. Please read all of it. This is how we will communicate important news for the coming week.
Monday’s rehearsal is for both cast and crew, and from here on out, cast and crew are expected to be at every Monday and Thursday rehearsal. Everyone should bring their script (crew will get theirs on Monday, performers got theirs last Thursday), a pencil, and a water bottle. There is no formal snack break. Please make sure your students are fed before rehearsal. 
Rehearsal Attendance Please try to avoid your student missing rehearsals. However, we know kids get sick and we know that there are some upcoming conflicts for the 5th graders. Seattle Performers staff will take roll at the start of rehearsal and names of those absent will be given to parent chaperones. We will call you if we didn’t hear from you about your student being out. Please remember to email as soon as you know that your student will miss a rehearsal. 
If your 5th Grader is going to be playing at the Eckstein band concert on January 23rd, please let us know. If it works for your musician to be at rehearsal before or after (depending on how long the concert goes) please consider allowing them to attend part of rehearsal. 
We will assume all 5th graders will be attending the Eckstein open house on January 30th, so there is no need to email us about that absence. 
Rehearsal Check Out: No parent let indicated that their child should be met in the lunchroom and formally checked-out of rehearsal. Because there is no formal check-out process, please make sure your kiddos know where to meet you/ who is picking them up/ what they are supposed to do after rehearsal. 
THANK YOU PARENTS!  All current slots for rehearsal chaperones are filled. Who’s the best? You are. Don’t worry, if you didn’t get to sign up, we will have more opportunities coming up. 
Rehearsal Chaperones: 
  • Timing is everything—  Please be in the lunch room a little before 6:00pm. Check in with Seattle’s Performers staff. Plan to stay until all students have been picked up. Hopefully this will be shortly after 8:00pm (PLEASE BE ON TIME TO PICK UP YOUR KIDS). Seattle’s Performers staff are not responsible for the kids after 8:00pm and will not be staying on site after that. 
  • Chaperones, it is your responsibility to stay with any stragglers until they find their grown up. We recommend one chaperone waiting in the lunchroom and the other 2 leaving out of separate doors (playground door and front doors) with an eye for lost children. If you see kids who aren’t with a grown up or don’t know where they are supposed to be, send them back into the lunchroom and the third chaperone waiting there can help problem solve. 
  • Absent students— Please come to rehearsal with your cell phone (if you don’t have one, email us and we can problem solve). After Seattle Performers staff call role they will give you the names of those who are absent. Please text these names to Liza on Mondays 206.240.4818 and Traci on Thursdays 206.816.2362. That’s all! We will text you back only if there is follow up. 
  • All of this info is in the attached hand out.
Bryant Play Webpage: The webpage is up and running for Seussical! This is a handy one stop shop for all your Seussical needs. These newsletters will be posted there, so no need to sift through your email– just bookmark this webpage! You can also find such hits as: Suessical rehearsal calendar, play fee payment link, Sign Up Genius link, link to vocals and more! 
Email with questions, 
Stay tuned for next week’s installment of Seussical News.