Walktober grand finale this Friday, Oct 28!

South Station

South Station

North Station

North Station

West Station

West Station

We’ll celebrate our Bryant walkers one last time this Friday, October 28, 7:30-7:40 am. Gather at one of the meeting spots (see map) for a fall treat, enjoy the walker company, then head to school together!

Meeting points (stars on the map):

  • West Station: 30th Ave. NE/NE 60th St.
  • South Station: 33rd Ave. NE/NE 55th St.
  • North Station: 32nd Ave. NE/NE 65th St.
  • East Station: 36th Ave. NE/NE 60th St.

Live NW of Bryant? There will be a walking school bus starting just west of Third Place Books. Details here.

Can’t squeeze in the whole walk to school in the morning? Consider walking part of the way – park the car a few blocks from school, then enjoy the stroll to school. And please stop by one of our walker bus stops!

Veteran’s Day assembly Nov 10

Thursday, November 10th 1:25-1:55
Bryant Lunchroom/Gym

Invite the veterans in your life to this year’s Veteran’s Day assembly at Bryant. During the assembly they will be asked to come up to the front to be acknowledged for their service. They can be veterans of the U.S military or from other nations. They can be currently serving in the military.

Please make sure your guest knows the day and time to be here. They should sign as a guest visitor in at the office, then meet us in the lunchroom. Thank you for your help in making our assembly meaningful.

ASE Assistant job available on-site at Bryant

We are seeking a team member who will be responsible for following-up on student absences, supporting students when needed, and providing classroom management support to an ASE computer class instructor.

Applicants should be reliable, positive, have experience working with children, possess basic classroom management skills, and have knowledge of the computer game “Minecraft”.

This is a 1.5 hr position Monday – Friday at Bryant Elementary School. Pay range $15 – $20 an hour depending on experience. Required to pass background check.

Please email letter of interest and resume to Clive Woodhouse.

November: at a glance

Tuesday, Nov 1: Picture Retakes (Individual)
Friday, Nov 4: 8am Chat with the Principals
Tuesday, Nov 8: 7pm PTSA Board Meeting
Thursday, Nov 10: 1:25-1:55pm Veteran’s Day Assembly
Friday, Nov 11: No School, Veterans Day
Wednesday, Nov 16: 12:05pm 2-hour Early Dismissal
Nov 21 – 25: No School, Teacher Conferences and Thanksgiving Break

Orange cards due Friday!!


Don’t keep us in suspense. The Bryant PTSA’s Annual Campaign has just a few days left.

Our once-blazing progress towards our goal of 100% participation has cooled down quite a bit.

As of our 6th day of counting, we are at 59% participation with only 4 days left. You do the math.

The grade level with the highest percentage has 67% and the grade level with the lowest has 48%, so everybody is doing their part, but all grade levels need to pick up the pace! (please).

There are still lots of orange cards out there. We need your help in getting them back to the school to sustain the programs already in place.

Just in case anyone wants a reminder of all the good things that the PTSA does at Bryant School, let’s think about recess for a minute. Did you know that the PTSA helps fund recess supervision?  Recess is lots of fun, of course, and it has been demonstrated to help cognitive, emotional, physical, and social well-being.  What’s not to like about that?

We are keeping our message short today in the hopes that anybody who still has their card at home can find the time to fill it out and return them to Bryant.

As a reminder, there are extra orange cards in the front lobby of Bryant, with the other forms and fliers, as well as available online. Also, don’t forget to check with your employer on matching funds.

Questions? Comments? Please contact the PTSA Fundraising Co-chairs, Rachel Gleeson and Kim Larsen.


Annual Campaign is halfway there!

After a 5th day of counting, the good news is that we have just slightly more than half our cards back. We have just 5 more days to go and as you’ll recall, we want 100% of the cards back.

Right now we have a 53% overall participation rate. That’s terrific, because it means that we have already heard back from half of the school, but we can’t rest on our laurels.

No doubt you are wondering: “Why does the Annual Campaign keep bugging us about the orange cards?” It is no secret — we want the whole Bryant community involved. Just by sending your child’s orange card in, you are helping us reach this goal.

Of course, it would be terrific if every card came back with our “ask” of $325 per kid, or even something above or below that, because your contributions make it possible for the PTSA to continue to do the good work it does at Bryant. Our over-riding goal, however, is 100% participation, which means we get every card back, with a donation or not. This has not ever happened in Annual Campaign history but, as any Cubs fan will tell you, 2016 is already a magical year, so this might be our best shot.

If your child’s card has gone missing, please let us, or your teacher, know. We will get you a new one. Or, you can pick one up at school, or download a form today.

Just in case you are curious about what grade is getting closest to translating “participation” into “party”, the third grade has taken over the lead as the grade with the highest level of participation. Way to go 3rd graders!

K – 60%
1st – 48%
2nd – 50%
3rd – 62%
4th – 56%
5th – 38%

Here are some thoughts on how parents can help the annual campaign:

1. If you sent your card to school with your child already, thank you.

It might be worth double-checking with them that they gave their card to their teacher. Oddly, the older the child, the harder it sometimes is for them to remember to extract an orange card from their backpack.

2. If you have multiple kids at the school and you sent in a check for all of them, thank you.

Please make sure that you sent an orange pledge card back with each and every child, though. That way we can make certain that your family’s participation is registered at each grade level.

3. If you have been meaning to send back your card, but have been too busy, or preoccupied with football, or soccer, or baseball, or politics, or opera, your darling children, or what have you, no problem, there is still time.

However, please don’t delay! Friday is our deadline for accepting cards that can count towards our participation goal. We will, of course, be happy to accept PTSA donations after that, but we won’t be sending out any more gentle reminders. Much better to get it done now.

Questions? Concerns?
Please contact Rachel Gleeson or Kim Larsen, PTSA Fundraising Co-chairs

Annual Campaign is humming along!

Keep Up the Good Work!

As of the 4th day of the Campaign we have 45% of the orange cards returned, which is terrific. Friday, October 21st, is our half-way mark — this is a great day to get the card in the backpack and off to school.

Can’t find your orange card? There are more at the school, or you can download a copy.

No doubt you are probably just as eager as your kids to find out the participation percentage by grade level. Our Kindergartners are in the lead for most cards returned so far. Way to go Kindergarten kids, parents, and teachers (we know this is a group effort)!

K – 56%
1st – 39%
2nd – 46%
3rd – 53%
4th – 45%
5th – 35%

With the non-Bryant campaigns and elections hogging all of the limelight these days, it is nice to reflect on the brevity of the Annual Campaign (just two weeks!). Also the friendliness of the campaign. And, most importantly, we don’t make robocalls.

Rather than being distracted by polls and projections, let’s dwell for a moment on how the Bryant PTSA supports SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY.

For instance, did you know that the PTSA supports Bryant’s technology manager, who helps our kids begin to see technology as a tool for learning and communicating (not just pokemon go)?

The PTSA’s support of Science Fair materials and the Science Fair coordinator gives our kids experience with science experiments, and different ways to convey results. Likewise, the PTSA’s support of Math Champs helps Bryant kids compete as mathletes.

Hands-on science is also supported by the PTSA. Sometimes through classroom projects, like the “Salmon in the Schools” program, other times through class field trips that take kids to exciting places like the Burke Museum, Mercer Slough, and the Washington Park Arboretum. There is even everyday biology happening on our own school grounds through our Garden Buddies group.

Of course the very best Bryant field trip is the 5th grade trip to Islandwood, where the kids learn about environmental science. PTSA funds, along with funds raised separately by the 4th grade class, help keep this memorable experience affordable for families.

Questions? Please feel free to contact our Fundraising Co-Chairs Rachel Gleeson and Kim Larsen.