Bryant PTSA Board Meeting Minutes – November 2016

7:08 Start

  1. Welcome and Introduction: Amy Shanafelt & Julie Ohrazda
  2. Treasurer’s Report, Jennifer Mahlum
  3. Fundraising Chair Report, Kim Larsen & Rachel Gleeson
    • 2015 had a$50.00 less ask per child resulting in a 93% participation rateand an average pledgeof $252.00 per child
    • 2016 had a$50.00 more ask per child resulting in a 94% participation rate and an average pledge of $284.00 per child
    • 2016 had an increase pledge amountof roughly$30.00 coincidingwith a $50.00 increase in the ask
  4. Approved 5th Grade Request to Substitute Living Voice Funds, Amy Shanafelt